Our Latest Issue

Tavern Players Magazine Summer-Fall, 2021 edition is out in stands so go find it and read all about our many stories of pool, foosball and dart enthusiasts just like you! This issue is packed with tournaments and events over the past few months as well as upcoming events in 2021. So go find your issue today!

Our Story

Back in 1994, Ron Boucher saw the need for a publication to keep the local and amateur players of the amusement industry informed as they take their game skills seriously, just as professionals would. He also saw the need to focus on taverns, restaurants, pubs, billiard halls and brew pubs where these competitions may be held. Products used or worn by these folks were also included in the coverage each issue.


Featured events, both for amateur or professionals, and instructional articles help to make the issues of TPM a place to learn and enjoy. And of course, the latest about new craft beer brewers and tours in our Beer Destinations article, upcoming tournaments, NASCAR tailgating are also included. Look for your FREE copy of Tavern Players Magazine!

Each issue is packed with news and images of events and their participants, amateur or professional!